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Plant Manager - Netherlands
Senior Property Analyst - UK
Psychologist - UK
Change Management Consultant - NIKE Netherlands

Business Analyst - Bookings.com
Engineer - Leading Dutch Engineering Company 
Reliability Engineer - Netherlands 
OD Consultant - Ireland
Vendor Manager - Germany 
TV Presenter - Netherlands
CIO - Netherlands
Executive - Canada 

As global citizens, we find ourselves, now more than ever, in a position to consider international career prospects. An international career move can be a daunting exercise with a myriad of complicated processes. Often the country of choice lacks obvious information regarding the complexities of the job market and its hiring stakeholders. This factor in combination with a poor job search strategy often results in an extended search for suitable positions leading to unnecessary anxiety and ultimately poor career moves.

Through careful research and proven expertise, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge across selected international countries in regard to hiring trends, CV structuring, and various other nuances that will ultimately affect your career move. Our Global Job Search Program ensures the establishment of a well-planned strategy that engages the market rather than relies on a reactive approach. 

As a headhunter with over 25 years of experience, I have spent my career placing Professional, Senior Managers and C-suite Executives across all Industry sectors. I have always had a passion for assisting my candidates with setting up targeted Job Search Strategies, hence the publishing of my book, CVforLife, and the subsequent establishment of my coaching and CV writing businesses. My Global Career Coaching and Planning business is a further extension of my passion to help people find great jobs using purposeful and successful methodologies.



MOST RECENT - 26/11/2021




Hello Michelle and Rob


I want to thank you for the work and effort, and need to inform that I was successful in the Turnaround Senior Manager position. 


I think what really helped was the connections with the agents in the Netherlands especially the connection with Edmond.


I will inform when everything is signed and visas approved but I think we can stop to apply for new positions. This position is really a great fit and also on the same role category than my current role, so it’s really a blessing.


Really appreciate all the good work, and will refer other friends as well to you.





MOST RECENT - 08/11/2021




Hi Rob


I got the job! It was an eventful week indeed. 


I called Carike today to let you all know the news personally.


The role is as a real estate investment analyst, for 2-3 months in Dubai (to meet the rest of the team, culture, events etc) and thereafter moving on permanently to the London office. 


Kind regards,


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Rob has been in the recruitment game for over 25 years. In 2008, he wrote and successfully published his best-selling book, CVforLife. The methods and strategies in Rob’s book have helped hundreds of talented individuals find great roles in forward-thinking companies.His headhunting career spans across a multitude of industry sectors and leading brands in South Africa and the UK. There is hardly a role that Rob has not worked on and his knowledge of the scarce skills landscape ensures that he meets his brief with precision. Rob combines an old school headhunting approach to locating staff with a high-tech Artificial Intelligence approach to assist with the research process. Rob is not only a leader in his field but also an active participant in innovating new and creative employability strategies through his employability workshops. In short, Rob has a passion for assisting his clients to build successful brands with strong talent.

Some of Rob’s achievements include:

  • 26 years of headhunting experience

  • Setup executive search businesses for Renwick International & The Laser Group

  • Author of the best-selling book CVforLife

  • Founder of the Professional CV writing  business CVforLife

  • Writer for various publications including  Finweek & CEO magazine

  • Career Coach at GIBS, Monash & Regenesys  Business Schools




(creating a job search plan)

Your career ambitions are unique and often misunderstood by recruiters especially when moving into the international job market. My consultation process is designed to uncover your specific requirements in regard to your career move and to match your skills and experience to international job opportunities. With the experience I have gained across all industry sectors, job functions and levels, I am able to interpret your specifications and create a bespoke plan that will be the center of your Job Search Program. This Job Search plan forms the basis for the creation of a highly proactive engagement strategy. 



(international Cv, Linkedin and cover letter)

Your CV, Linkedin profile, and all associated documentation, or what I like to call "brand material", positions you in the market with the goal to uncover the perfect role. However, this “brand material pack” will need to be aligned with the country of your choice. After an exhaustive consultation process, I guide my writing team to create a brand material pack that includes; various CV and cover letter options, a keyword integrated LinkedIn profile, and introductory emailers.  This pack is unique to your country of choice and is adapted by myself for each specific job application throughout the job search process. 



  (international job search process) 

Using a multi-channel approach, I engage the job market and the various participants in a targeted manner. The focus is on moving into the market with a strategic approach that will bring about high-quality opportunities. I involve my clients throughout the process by using Microsoft Teams to manage the weekly reporting and engagement process. I advise on all job opportunities and provide my clients with guidance. Using my experience as a headhunter I am able to forge this strategy around my client's unique job search plan. The engagement process is designed to get results without the pain of my clients doing the day to day work.



(helping you close the deal)

I am intrinsically involved in the complete process; from the initial job application, cover letter content, hiring manager communication, interview preparation, to job offer negotiations. I provide my clients with guidance and research on diverse aspects such as interview preparation, company and interviewer research, salary negotiations to name a few. We have several partners who assist with specialist services to assist such as financial and tax experts. Our partners also offer advice on VISA application and a myriad of other legal services to support an international career move. 


Johannesburg / Bryanston

Cape Town / Claremont 


​Tel: + 27 87 109 1167 (South Africa)

Mobile +27 76 5981455



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